What’s agile marketing?

Agile marketing is about making a series of small, iterative refinements so that you have the flexibility to respond to unpredictability. Put very simply, software teams take the large, big picture idea and break it into small, actionable pieces. These pieces are prioritized and teams select from the prioritized list only what they guess can be accomplished in say, two weeks.

With today’s market being always on, the ability to keep pace with customer needs offers a significant competitive advantage. Being agile in marketing means taking your long-term strategies and breaking them into iterative projects that you can quickly test and learn from.

To adopt Agile Marketing, you have to start by admitting you cannot plan for everything. Roadmaps are great, but they’re rigid and tend to hinder the flow of ideas and information. Whether you’re managing a marketing team or looking to hire a marketer, there is a big opportunity to invest in the agile mindset.

In Agile Marketing, you plan the next set of actions based on the best information you have right now. Because the set of actions that follow those might not be what you originally outlined on your roadmaps based on the outcomes that you see.

More in this very informative video on Lynda.com -> https://www.lynda.com/Content-Marketing-tutorials/Marketing-Tips/151545-2.html





Understanding emojis (to become a Snapchat pro)

One of Snapchat’s many quirks is the list of emojis it places next to your friends’ names.

Ranging from baby face to grimace, it turns out these emojis aren’t random: they can actually tell you a lot about your relationships on Snapchat.

Here’s what they mean:

  • 💛  Gold Heart: You are best friends with this person on Snapchat – aka you both send the most snaps to each other.
  • ❤️ Red Heart: You both have been each other’s best friend on Snapchat for at least 2 weeks.
  • 💕  Pink Hearts: You both have been each other’s best friend on Snapchat for at least 2 months.
  • 😬  Grimace: It means that you share a best friend with the someone. So their best friend is the same as your best friend.
  • 😊  Smile: This means that the person is one of the people you message on Snapchat most frequently.
  • 😎  Sunglasses: It usually means that you’re running in the same friend group.
  • 😏  Smirk: This indicates a one-way relationship, and you’re the taker. This person sends you enough snaps to make you one of their best friends, but you don’t send them many snaps back.
  • 🔥  Fire: The infamous Snapstreak. This appears next to the numbers of days that you and a friend have snapped each other – but if you and your friend don’t both send a Snap within 24 hours, you will lose your Snapstreaks.
  • 👶  Baby: You just became Snapchat friends.
  • 🎂  Birthday Cake: It’s this person’s birthday on Snapchat.

Branded entertainment

Durex tops this week’s ADAGE video charts with the #DoNotDisturb experiment – a charming under-three-minutes video. Take a look ☞ http://youtu.be/5b4fN-Q7MDs




Smaller social media apps worth watching – 2016

The app and mobile marketing landscape is evolving fast, paving way for more context-based conversations.

This infographic, created by Salesforce, outlines some smaller social media apps and communities worth paying attention to in 2016.

11 Smaller Social Media Apps Poised to Break Out in 2016

Via Salesforce

Soon on Twitter: more room for words!

tweet likeYou can already do a lot in a tweet, but Twitter wants you to be able to do even more.
Here’s what will change in the upcoming months according to Twitter official blog:

✔️ Replies: When replying to a Tweet, @names will no longer count toward the 140-character count. This will make having conversations on Twitter easier and more straightforward

✔️ Media attachments: When you add attachments like photos, GIFs, videos, polls, or Quote Tweets, that media will no longer count as characters within your Tweet.

✔️ Retweet and Quote Tweet yourself: tìTwitter will be enabling the Retweet button on your own Tweets, so you can easily Retweet or Quote Tweet yourself when you want to share a new reflection or feel like a really good one went unnoticed.

✔️Goodbye, .@: new Tweets that begin with a username will reach all your followers. (That means you’ll no longer have to use the ”.@” convention, which people currently use to broadcast Tweets broadly.)


Apple CEO Tim Cook vs the FBI

“Some things are hard, and some things are right, and some things are both – this is one of those things,”

-Tim Cook