What’s agile marketing?

Agile marketing is about making a series of small, iterative refinements so that you have the flexibility to respond to unpredictability. Put very simply, software teams take the large, big picture idea and break it into small, actionable pieces. These pieces are prioritized and teams select from the prioritized list only what they guess can be accomplished in say, two weeks.

With today’s market being always on, the ability to keep pace with customer needs offers a significant competitive advantage. Being agile in marketing means taking your long-term strategies and breaking them into iterative projects that you can quickly test and learn from.

To adopt Agile Marketing, you have to start by admitting you cannot plan for everything. Roadmaps are great, but they’re rigid and tend to hinder the flow of ideas and information. Whether you’re managing a marketing team or looking to hire a marketer, there is a big opportunity to invest in the agile mindset.

In Agile Marketing, you plan the next set of actions based on the best information you have right now. Because the set of actions that follow those might not be what you originally outlined on your roadmaps based on the outcomes that you see.

More in this very informative video on Lynda.com -> https://www.lynda.com/Content-Marketing-tutorials/Marketing-Tips/151545-2.html





Author: Anna Chiara Sai

Digital extrovert ~ introvert on planet Earth. Single-tasking crusader.

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