Here’s How Social Media Will Impact the 2016 Presidential Election

American Election

If we are to believe the figures estimated by Borrell Associates, U.S. politicians will be allocating over 9% of media budget towards digital and social media — this comes to an estimated $1 billion.

The efforts of electoral candidates and their social media agencies seem to be concentrated towards winning affection of millennials (25 to 34 year olds), and although no one can say today which candidate is going to win the elections later this year, one thing is clear: social media is winning the elections today.

Google is a leader when it comes to 2016 elections. From sponsored links in Google searches, YouTube video ads and the new-fangled programmatic display ads on online publishing websites such as New York Times, presidential candidates have a lot of scope to reach out to right audience through Google.

The new entrant is Snapchat: the first few candidates to run ads on this platform were John Kasich, Rand Paul and Scott Walker. Snapchat even hired ex-Google leader Rob Saliterman, who led political ad sales during the George W. Bush administration.

No article on the presidential elections is complete without commenting on the strategy adopted by Donald Trump’s social media experts. To say Donald Trump has won the social media battle is a serious understatement…he could very well be the first president who rewrote the rules on social media.

More in this article by Social Media Today.


Author: Anna Chiara Sai

Digital extrovert ~ introvert on planet Earth. Single-tasking crusader.

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